Home is where the dorm manager is

Another view of the dorm

The post has been temporarily removed, it will hopefully return (amended) after some terms of the confidentiality contract are resolved.


2 thoughts on “Home is where the dorm manager is

  1. I’m going to live at the cross culture center in october. as you wrote, there is no internet..could you please tell me more about your WiMax solution? =)


    • Hi

      I’ve been using bic wimax for my internet needs. It’s a portable wifi receiver, the only one I could find offering a truly unlimited plan. I’ve been very satisfied with it up to about a month ago when it started to get slowed down. We were warned it may happen – they seemed to have filled up the network and now there are some limits in place though I’m not really sure how they look like. It’s still very usable but I would be considering other options if I were staying for a lot longer. It’s a 2 year contract so I will be forced to pay the cancellation fee (20k yen if I remember correctly) when I return.

      If you’re coming as a Fujitsu intern though the company will provide you with an internet solution, at least they did for all the other interns (the Vulacnus programme is a bit different).


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